Jon Letts

UK bass guitar maker





Handcrafted in Leicestershire

Boutique bass guitars hand made one by one in the heart of Leicestershire.


Entirely handcrafted using the finest tonewoods, bespoke scatter wound pickups and almost ten years guitar making experience.


Superb playability, action and sound. Lightweight, ergonomic and perfectly balanced.


I have been playing guitar and bass since 1988 when I got my first guitar, an Aria proII Inazuma. I found myself drawn to rhythm and groove and soon took up bass and drums swapping and selling my way up to those high end Music Man, Warwick and Status basses of the 1990's. I started dreaming about building my own guitars in 2008. And from those early experiments with basic hand tools and knee deep wood shavings I have gone on to build many basses and guitars for many musicians all around the world from Siberia to L.A.

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scroll bass by jon letts


Quality and stability


Well seasoned, highly resonant hardwoods and flawless build quality combined to create superior piano-like tones.


Bespoke scatter wound pickups


A hand built scatter wound pickup is the perfect way to preserve the natural voice of the instrument.




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Each piece of wood and set of specifications presents unique challenges ensuring that no two guitars are ever completely alike.

I currently produce only a handful of these one of a kind basses each year. View available guitars


Exotic Hardwoods


Macassar ebony, Black Ebony, Black Walnut, Canadian rock Maple, Bubinga, Swamp Ash and Honduras Mahogany are just a few of the exotic hardwoods that I work with to make stable and eye catching guitars of all styles.



Domestic Hardwoods


I also enjoy using locally sourced timber when it becomes available.

There are one or two guitars throughout this site that are made from local trees

and they have a look all of their own. See if you can spot them.