Jon Letts

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Yves Carbonne

Many people know bassist Yves Carbonne for his incredible playing on extended range instruments with up to 12 strings.


Most can enjoy the music, but some can’t get past the number of strings on his bass.


After musing online about the merits of how many strings a bass should have, Carbonne teamed up with luthier Jon Letts to create the YCII 2-string Bass. read more

Julien Ferradou


Julien plays his Zebrano 5 string fretless bass in metal band Silver machine.

Julien regularly uploads recordings, videos and images to the Silver machine facebook page.

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Jonathan Alvear


Jonathan is a bassist currently residing in L.A and specialising in experimental jazz.

He also plays upright bass and regularly post videos and soundclips of his Jon Letts built Bill Compeau designed WarpVI 6 string bass on his facebook page.

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Simon Timperley


Simon is a UK guitarist and bass player playing covers of 80's rock in his current band, Leap of Faith as well as regular church worship gigs. Simon owns a number of Jon Letts built guitars including one of my first custom basses, a six string headless fretless and also a twin neck guitar which we later converted into 2 identical headless guitars. Simon also built my personal amp. Say hello

Anthony Logiovino


Anthony is a singer/songwriter from Pennsville NJ. Anthony plays a couple of 5 string fretless Jon Letts scroll basses. Jav performs around his hometown and beyond on a regular basis with his rock outfit Echo Chaser. Say hello

Lou Short


Lou owns 3 Jon Letts basses. 4string and 5 string, fretted and fretless. He is a regular on the covers/tribute circuit and has also enjoyed regular slots as bass player with Martin Stephenson and the Daintees. Say hello